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Amber thinks of risk as a necessity. A non-negotiable in her life. Sometimes the idea of risk is uncomfortable and scary, but the idea of staying stagnant, not growing, and being the same person in the same place year after year is much scarier to her. She realized a long time ago that there will always be fear, but she refuses to let it control her.

Taking calculated risks has played a big role in her life and business. It has pushed and challenged Amber to evolve into the person and leader she was meant to be. She still has a long way to go, but without risk, she would have never started my insurance agency from scratch. 

We're proud to say Amber recently celebrated 5 years in business. In those five years, there have been lots of risks, but also lots of lessons learned. The risks you take don’t always pan out, but the lessons you learn are invaluable. You gain strength, courage, and confidence. Without risk that wouldn’t be possible.


Everything changed when Tess learned about the gender investing gap. When she learned that women not only get paid less but also invest less contributing to what's called the gender investing gap, she wanted to help make a chance. 

She has now been investing in real estate, the stock market, and businesses for over 10 years and no is a successful investor, she made a few big mistakes that cost her thousands. She trusted a financial planner before educating herself on the basics of investing. They didn't make decisions in her best interest which cost her roughly over $200,000 over time.

Between the realization that women need better financial resources and her determination to make sure other women don’t make the same mistakes she did, it became her MORAL OBLIGATION to help other women grow their net worth by sharing best practices.


Celebrating her 23rd year in the Insurance Industry, Meg McKeen founded Adjunct Advisors LLC in 2018 with the essential belief that the way we sell insurance is ripe for change. Throughout her career, working both as an underwriter and agent within the insurance industry, Meg has held a seat at the table during thousands of insurance negotiations. Meg now holds space, at the crossroads of personal and professional development, for individuals as they grow their sales and leadership acumen through private coaching, consulting engagements, and the podcast she hosts, Bound & Determined℠.

Meg’s contributions to the insurance industry have been recognized with her inclusion in Insurance Business America’s Hot 100 and Elite Women for 2021.

A graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University, with roots in Chicago, Meg is currently a digital nomad, in the midst of a thoughtful travel adventure. When she’s not helping business professionals, you can find Meg putting the “practice” into yoga practice, searching for the best vegan burger, or cheering on her favorite independent musicians. 



Sarah Muniz's book Undiscovered Voices is a vital contribution to a major problem faced by the insurance and financial services industries - valuing the unique voices and talents of women. While women have long filled many roles in the industry, too often they have not been in positions of influence. 

Learn the Why behind Sarah's Book, How I Came To Be, and Why is shaking the world of insurance. 



Annabel Quintero is a certified wellness coach, best-selling author & DEI strategist. Also known as a "Cultural Wellness Coach".

Her best-selling book Step Step Jump, is a story of hope dedicated to helping others transform trauma into triumph. Her life was irrevocably altered on September 11th, 2001 when she narrowly escaped from the 46th floor of the One World Trade Center during the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

As the founder of her personal development & collective wellness company. She is devoted to redefining cultural wellness through workshops that go beyond physical appearance, but actually, honor our whole selves by using different ancient cultural lenses. As a result of her speaking and workshops, she helps leaders and coaches embrace a holistic approach to wellness resulting in sustainable lifestyle changes. Annabel partners with coaches & leaders to understand the financial, political, and spiritual history that informs our present moment. And how cultural dominance is discreetly perpetuated in the wellness industry and in society.







The third-generation professional in the insurance vertical, Sara brings more than three decades of agency ownership and management, complemented by a background in company commercial underwriting and cluster creation/management, Sara brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to the table. Her vast experience coupled with a keen sense of the dynamics of efficiency,  and its impact on productivity uniquely suits her to meet a variety of operational, management, and marketing needs in agencies today.  The founder of the Agency Opportunities department at Big I Oklahoma, Ms. Ray is also an executive coach and heads up the consulting practice designed to provide strategic resources, professional development, and management consulting services to BIGiOK members who are looking to thrive in today’s dynamic environment.  

With a lifelong passion for developing female leaders in the insurance vertical, Sara founded MyNetworkINS which is a national network of facilitated mastermind groups. MyNetwork provides leadership, management, personal and professional development,  executive coaching, training, and network facilitation on a high-impact virtual platform throughout the United States. Cutting-edge leaders join MyNetwork groups to leverage peer perspectives in an invigorating environment for growth. Ray is a renowned writer and speaker on the leadership and myriad agency productivity and effectiveness subjects. When not on a coaching call or helping agencies identify their organizational efficiency issues and tackling them head-on, Sara is a full-time wife and proud mother of adult twins,  active in her community, and church and makes her home in Stillwater, OK.



Adrienne Ostroff, FSA, EA, CERA, MAAA, FCA is a credentialed actuary and business owner. She has a decade of experience delivering actuarial consulting services across healthcare, retirement, and other workforce risk areas at two large consulting firms. In 2020, she took a leap of faith and founded Athena Actuarial Consulting, a certified woman-owned small business focused on delivering innovative, technology-driven actuarial and workforce analytics solutions to the private and public sectors.

In 14 months, Athena has grown exponentially in headcount, client portfolio, and breadth of service offerings. They have landed several $1M+ client engagements, and better yet, have attracted and retained top actuarial talent, drawn to Athena for our commitment to living the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Adrienne’s own values show up in every element of Athena’s operations, which makes the highs and lows of entrepreneurship more exciting. Adrienne lives in Minneapolis with her fiancé and two adorable dogs. Celebrating, disconnecting, and enjoying the outdoors is a huge part of Adrienne’s life outside of work, through hiking, running, playing group sports, and enjoying local dog parks.

She is currently planning her wedding, which will take place at a summer camp in Wisconsin this September. Adrienne’s commitment to paving the way for her own authentic, empathetic, and values-driven life is opening doors for current and prospective employees to do the same, and she cannot wait to see what else is in store



Kim Reed is the co-owner of Purple Rose home with her mother Vicki Martelli. Purple Rose Home was started in 1997 when Kim was just graduating high school and going off to college to study fashion design. She had no intentions of later joining her mom, but in 2005 mom beckoned Kim's creativity into the shop and together they've been growing their vintage style home décor brand, locally and online. This month marks its 25th anniversary in business.



Lauren Golanty works with brands and organizations to turn their purpose-driven efforts into movements, as the Senior Director of Partnerships at Public Good. She spent 20 years in the professional services sector, and now seeks to revolutionize that industry and others with the Safe At Work Policy, a Fast Company 2022 World Changing Idea. Lauren now seeks to engage a massive community of people, particularly women, in the movement to change the workplace for the better.

Kit Chaskin has been focused on women in the workplace for 32 years. As a lawyer, she worked to advance women in the legal profession by designing and implementing programs to retain women associates and promote senior women to leadership positions. Since 2019 she has been the Director of Gender Initiatives at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law where she speaks and works on issues like the great resignation, redefining women’s power in the workplace, and inclusive family policy.



Precious Williams, bestselling-author of various books and CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious L.L.C., used her powerful presentation skills to take her business, Curvy Girlz Lingerie, around the world and empower women who wanted to feel sexy in their curvaceous bodies. She used data, stories, and creativity to attract large-scale companies that wanted to partner with her. Now, she’s earned the title of being a nationally recognized pitch master and has been a featured guest on large stages to share her pitching strategies with other business owners.



Steluta Leu is a strength and confidence coach, a sales expert, and a podcast host. She is the founder and CEO of 8 Glasses of Water and a founding member of The Human Transformation Club. Since leaving her corporate executive role to pursue her passion for coaching and teaching, Steluta’s classes, workshops, and programs have helped numerous people learn how to manage their minds, bodies and heal their inner wounds. She is the host of The #BalancingLife Show, a podcast where women inspire, support, and uplift each other by having meaningful conversations and sharing their stories of overcoming challenges, building confidence, and achieving success.

Steluta has been named in the Influence Digest Top 21 Coaches In Vancouver In 2021 for her coaching programs which help women who are stuck in challenging situations. Originally from Romania, she moved to Vancouver in 2018. She is a professional coach certified by Primal Health Institute and Goal Imagery Institute and she is sitting on the Board of the International Coaching Federation Vancouver Chapter. She is also a yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher.

Steluta's approach to life coaching is holistic, combining the art of coaching with mindfulness, nutrition, body movement, and other spiritual healing practices.



Cassidy is a complicated extroverted woman from Cali. She has been an entrepreneur for the last decade building a new business almost every year. She started in insurance as a captive agent and now for the last few years have been independent. She has started from scratch twice and both times grew her agencies to multiple seven figures in revenue, all while barely working.

After 10 years of success in building massively profitable businesses and brands (for herself and others), Cassidy now helps other women do the same. Saving them the energy, the time, the money, and the stress of trying to figure it all out by themselves.

This is why she created Unburden Your Business.



Cat was an Education Director at the National Alliance with over 25 years of Insurance Experience.  In this episode, she shares with us her journey and amazing becoming story. We chat about a wide range of topics that will be sure to keep you at the edge of your seat including polyamory, depression, marriage, motherhood, carrier path, and journey. Now, she is off on a new path and journey and we can't wait to see where it leads! 



Jennifer is a Client Services Director who has been in the insurance industry for 9 years. Her goal is to cultivate a positive culture while encouraging people to grow professionally and personally. During the peak of the pandemic, she partnered with a mentor to build a leadership program for her team - finding a way to connect people virtually, explore soft skills, and build a community.

She is passionate about pushing people to find their inner strength and realize their full potential. Jennifer has recently joined Insure Equality as the Treasurer, which is a nonprofit that seeks to create and enforce accountability in the insurance industry in the pursuit of diversity and equality. This organization truly speaks to Jennifer's passions and will without a doubt be a catalyst for positive change within the insurance industry. Jennifer joins the podcast to share how she pushes through a constant battle with imposter syndrome - especially the higher she climbs in her career.



Elisa is an ex-perfectionist and a part-time dreamer. After a decade in the insurance industry, and a year of personal horror, she started conversations with people in the industry about their stories and the culture that the insurance industry created. She believes in the power of people, of community, and of coming together for a bigger purpose. Elisa believes that showing up is a superpower that we can all wield - even when we think we are powerless.

CEO of InsureEquality



Daniel Jimenez's career in marketing has spanned the better half of two decades. He has explored everything from visual merchandising displays for luxury designers on 5th Avenue, to producing branding video productions for major financial institutions.

His love affair with marketing has led him to the role of VP of Marketing and Sales at a growing Insurtech consulting firm in San Diego California, GoGiles consulting. In this episode, he shares his story which will resonate with so many of you! It's vibrant, unique, moving, and empowering.



Adriana coaches business owners on how to create a winning culture that leverages the identity of their company, articulates and integrates the culture in the behaviors of their employees while inspiring them to perform at peak levels and achieve outstanding results.

She devoted all her time and effort to learning and implementing best practices in process improvement. ISO, Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise, Project Management, etc. Even though that was fun, and she was successful, she realized that without the right people a company's processes can’t go anywhere.

Process + People doesn’t equal success UNLESS you offer an environment where people can thrive. So, then she founded her own company and now focuses on helping many business-owners achieve desired results. 



Dani Whitestone helps women entrepreneurs grow successful small businesses because she believes entrepreneurship is a powerful way to live your purpose. She’s the founder of the Women’s Small Business & Leadership Network and the sole female cofounder of TurboLaw Software which she bootstrapped to 7-figures. She’s also the author of “The Brilliant Businesswoman, Your Guide to Entrepreneurial Success”. Dani is a positive and passionate business geek with a mission to help women succeed and thrive in business.



Rachel is Co-Founder and CEO of Siege Technology Solutions. SiegeAOS is the full-powered CRM Based Insurance Agency Management System providing the full tech stack needed to run your agency on one single platform. Modern. Powerful. Customizable.

After starting out in the aerospace program at Middle Tennessee State University and obtaining her private pilot license, Rachel ultimately obtained her bachelor's degree in finance and insurance. She then later continued on earning her MBA.

With over a decade of experience working in the agency side of the insurance industry, Rachel has a deep understanding of the issues faced by insurance agents and agency owners in today's rapidly changing, digital environment.

Thriving on a challenge she is excited and energized when she has the opportunity to discover and create solutions to problems.  Rachel's passion for creating effective and efficient ways to work coupled with years of agency experience has provided her this amazing opportunity with Siege Technology Solutions to create a complete agency operating solution for insurance agency owners and agents that the industry has been lacking for decades.



Michelle A. Mercier is a Business Coach/ Consultant, a Dare to Lead™ Trained professional, the host of the top-ranked podcast The Resilient Entrepreneur as well as a sought-after speaker. She has 20+ years of corporate and professional experience. Michelle has worked with a wide range of different businesses – from nationally acclaimed non-profits to enterprise-level corporations like PayPal. Today, she primarily works with high-achieving leaders, entrepreneurs & executives to create an incredible business strategy coupled with an effective personal development plan.



Nikolai is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Rhode Island and founder of OMpowerment Psychotherapy, a space for PRACTICAL mindfulness-based psychotherapy. (As in you can learn how to slow down and be present WITHOUT having to meditate for hours). She specializes in helping ambitious, productivity-focused people who struggle with slowing down (even though they know that they should). To do this, she combines her training in mental health counseling, yoga, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and interpersonal communications.


Amanda is a visibility and marketing strategist with over 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience who partners with solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups to consult on content strategic communications, online marketing, sales, and public relations strategy so they no longer feel lost in a sea of competitors or unnoticed in a noisy field.


Before Jacquie Abram began her journey as an Author and Anti-racism Consultant, she had a lucrative career in higher education that she was very good at & that she enjoyed. A career that spanned nearly two decades & by any measure should’ve been a successful career. But it wasn’t.

Because throughout her career, she experienced racism in the workplace, not the kind you see in a lot of movies, books, and TV shows about racism that occurred decades ago during a time when it was more overt & easily spotted, but the kind of racism that is more covert, hidden, & harder to prove.

And so, her career was derailed multiple times by multiple employers & she suffered racial trauma that, to this day, she has not fully recovered from. And when the same thing happened to others including both of her girls after they began careers of their own, she pulled herself out of corporate America, wrote HUSH MONEY: HOW ONE WOMAN PROVED SYSTEMIC RACISM IN HER WORKPLACE AND KEPT HER JOB, a book inspired by true events & co-authored by her girls, & began selling it from the trunk of her car in March 2021. Hush Money is now an Award-Winning Book and gold medal recipient, Amazon Best Seller and 5-Star rated, and is ranked #1 in Best Eye-Opening African-American Women’s Fiction on Goodreads Listopia. 



Misha Bleymaier-Farrish provides a unique perspective that pairs logistical understanding with innovative vision-casting and development, cultivated through 20 years of experience in operations and technology.

Misha’s life motto is GSD – “Get shit done”, and she brings that philosophy to any organization, client, or project with which she works. She is an entrepreneur, CEO, and Founder of Etymology Consulting, where she continues to use her expertise throughout the entire technology lifecycle to assist her clients to reach their organizational goals.

Misha is an advocate for the under-voiced, mentoring the next generation of business leaders across insurance and technology, and empowering those that need professional direction and clarity.

Finally, Misha is a wife and mother of two who is no stranger to dreaming big, questioning the status quo and, just, GSDing. She understands the opportunities and challenges that come from being a working mom in both the insurance industry and technology space. Misha is a strong believer in women and men collaborating to empower and encourage one another as we trailblaze our industries and bring about much-needed change.

Etymology Consulting 



Bevin is a dynamic executive with over 15 years of experience in leading people, building high-performance teams, and developing innovative sales/learning solutions. Known for her creativity, curiosity, high-energy and unwavering optimism, she is passionate about investing in others to facilitate human breakthroughs that drive high-performance business results.  

For the last three years, she has walked a personal growth journey after losing one of her children to a traumatic drowning incident. Learning how to address and talk about this painful aspect of her personal life has led her to discover the powerful impact of connecting with others from a place of authenticity and vulnerability in both personal and professional settings.

Bevin is Chief Growth Officer and founding team member for a culture-first, mission-driven,  venture-backed women’s apparel start-up, Peach. She is the host of a weekly podcast-style chat called “Thursday Thrive” based upon the tenants of Positive Psychology and author of a weekly  “Saturday Meditation” blog chronicling her journey through child-loss.

A dynamic and engaging public speaker, Bevin presents powerful personal and professional development workshops and mainstage presentations, averaging over 200 engagements annually. Described as a “zesty badass with a flair for the dramatic”, Bevin believes men and women can do anything when they play to their strengths. Bevin lives outside of Boston, is a Mom of 4, a former competitive swimmer, and current CrossFit junkie.



Karen Pambianchi, CLC is the founder of Swift Water Life Coach, a specialized coaching practice focused on helping ambitious women achieve their career goals and find work-life harmony with simple and effective routines and habits.

She is a Certified Life Coach, through the American Life Coach Academy, which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) – the gold standard in coaching – and a member of the New England Chapter of ICF Professional Coaches. She has been coaching for the last six years transitioning from a career in marketing and events to coaching within a university and now leading her practice.



Motivated by her progress Valeria dedicated more than two decades of her life to a successful corporate career that led her to work with 7 countries, occupying leadership positions in companies such as Procter & Gamble, Citibank, and Reckitt Benckiser. She focused so fully on her career that other areas of her life eventually started to feel the consequences, particularly health. What on the outside looked like an enviable successful life, on the inside was a life devoid of direction and true meaning.

In 2016, Valeria suffered a burnout that radically affected her life, and prompted her to embark fully on a mission of discovering a method to achieve a fulfilled life in all areas, beyond work and career. In this journey of experimentation and studies, she consolidated techniques and tools that helped discover, clarify and manifest true life purpose, opening doors to extraordinary achievements, but this time, without sacrifices or excessive efforts.

Abundacia Consciente




Sarah Muniz has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years working on the agency side as a Customer Service Representative, Producer within aggregators and insurtech.  Her time in insurance has been both rewarding and frustrating.

The rewarding part is in helping others as she increases her knowledge about insurance while also supporting her family in one of the most stable industries.  The frustration comes from numerous glass ceilings and a general gender bias within the industry. While working in the industry, one of the main hot topics has been the lack of talent in insurance.  This has been a constant cause of concern for her because after doing research and discussing the topic with others we have plenty of undiscovered talent right under leaderships' nose. 

She shares with us her story and how success hasn't come easy. Battling with gender bias and numerous discriminatory claims, today she is ready to let it all out and we celebrate with her new book coming out! 

Undiscovered Voices Book



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Sofia started in the mortgage industry when she was only 18-years old; she was in college and just doing it as a side job Though Sofia started out studying to be a teacher, after three years in the mortgage industry she switched her major to Business, and never looked back.

Her team of experts at Mortgage Network serves the entire Metro Boston area. They are a direct lender that offers a full range of products with a portfolio division for situations that don’t fit standard guidelines; that includes jumbo loans and other types of financing. 

What she loves most about her career is helping first-time homebuyers - it is her passion! In her free time, she is either teaching Greek Dance, attending her local Greek church, hosting events to raise funds for the Pan-Cretan National Organization, or hanging out with her family and three wonderful kids.

Mortgage Network


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Katherine (Kat) Ternes worked in the political arena and during her time as a legislative aide she developed skills that bring a unique perspective to the InsurTech space. A major factor that play her considering the move into InsurTech was a growing frustration about seeing the Independent Space struggle to survive with old methods. Learn how her "weird" and smart personality is just what the doctor ordered to bring a new perspective into the industry and play a vital role in the "boys club".



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Margo at Gogiles Consulting is an experienced Chief Technology Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance industry. She shares with us her journey from agency ownership to shifting into the Insurtech space and how navigating the hoops of the industry provided her with the tools to lead authentically and transform her company into something unexpected.



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Elisa is an ex-perfectionist and a part-time dreamer. After a decade in the insurance industry, and a year of personal horror, she started conversations with people in the industry about their stories and the culture that the insurance industry created. She believes in the power of people, of community, and of coming together for a bigger purpose. Elisa believes that showing up is a superpower that we can all wield - even when we think we are powerless. 

CEO of InsureEquality



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When Lauren first began her career she found herself in customer service/operations type roles. Unfortunately, after several years in the workforce, the Great Recession hit, and she got laid off. At the time, she was heartbroken. Despite that, it was the best thing that happened to her because a short time later she landed what became her dream job.

She found a membership assistant role on Craigslist (yes, Craigslist!) at MassBio, a non-profit trade organization for the life sciences. She didn't go into the job knowing it was her dream job, but it became that over time. After nearly nine years she took a huge leap of faith and decided to go out on her own. by opening Lauren Perna Communications.

In addition to her entrepreneurial adventures, she works alongside her husband Jon managing their Boston area apartment building. She lives and dies for country music, the Patriots, and her 9-lb chihuahua/terrier Tessie. 



Stacey knew at an early age when she was “playing” with her Easy-Bake Oven that she wanted to be a chef.  At age 11, she wrote to Bobby Flay telling him how she twisted around one of his recipes; three months later she received a call from his producer asking her to come to New York City to see a taping of his show and to go to his restaurants.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t as her family had just moved from Michigan to Florida where her dad became a minister of a small church.

Stacey went to Johnson & Wales University in North Miami and majored in Culinary Arts and completed two internships in Germany. Her last internship in Germany is where she met her husband, Victor.  In 2009, she came back to Florida and worked in a resort in Palm Beach. When they moved to New England it was totally different from Florida for sure. For the past 5 years, Stacey has have been food-blogging so she kept up with her skills and has a tie with the industry that she loves so much.  

In March, she had a local cookie artist and fellow MOPS mom come and teach the MOPS group how to cookie decorate and she was hooked!!!  On May 16, she became a licensed residential kitchen she is happy to continue to be a part of the industry that she loves in a new way opening her own business Sprinkles By Stacey



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Greta Bajrami is the CEO and Founder of Golden Group Roofing located in Westborough, Massachusetts. Greta migrated to the USA at the age of 9 from Tirana, Albania.  She grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts where she attended Worcester State University. Greta speaks, educates and inspires, on various toppings such as; “Success is a state of mind”, “Getting over your forever failure mindset”. She is the Massachusetts President and Chair of National Woman in Roofing Council, Executive Board of Director and Treasurer of the New England Roofing Contractor Association, and a Foundation Board Member and Scholarship Committee of Worcester State University.



Dulce Orozco is a licensed mental health counselor in Massachusetts. She holds a master’s degree (MS) and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) in Mental Health Counseling from Suffolk University. She is committed to bringing compassion, warmth, and authenticity to her work.

Dulce’s first language is Spanish, and she is also fluent in English and Portuguese.

Dulce has extensive experience working with individuals who themselves and their families are not native to our country. Because of her personal and professional experience, she is fascinated by culture's role in our mental health and how we perceive ourselves. She works using mindfulness, whole-body integration, self-compassion, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

She provides an environment offering the connection, trust, and safety to help individuals achieve greater resiliency and empowerment. She currently has a private practice where she works remotely with adult women who feel like outsiders and have a tough time taking care of themselves. Dulce also does corporate engagements and urges corporations and organizations always to give mental health the importance it deserves. Lastly, she has been doing Immigration Mental Health Evaluations for the past four years. When she is not working, she is with her young daughters trying to savor their childhood as much as possible.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor