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Transcendwithm is a special platform dedicated to sharing empowerment stories of resilience, success, passion, perseverance, and autonomy. We dig deep into the “bigger” conversations when it comes to entrepreneurship, challenges, successes, accountability, equality, and legacy. Learn the path to leadership and entrepreneurship from amazing women around the world!

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Kat is the founder of A Women's Intentions. This initiative will help you realize that finding beauty beyond the chaos is a journey. It is a process of allowing you to lead your life with INTENTION and to find your voice. Becoming your own person and breaking away from the cycle of conformity is a challenging yet rewarding journey. The best part is that with the community she's building you are not in this alone. Always remember, the beginning starts where the end stops.

A Woman's Intention Brunches cultivate a space for networking, empowerment, entertainment, education, and transformational experiences. Local vendors, mental health advocates, and other like-minded women are providing an opportunity to step outside of the box and explore the intention for your life as a powerful and well-supported woman. They have a mental wellness panel, a VIP intention workshop focus groups, raffles, wine, food, photo ops, and interactive demos with local women-owned businesses.