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Traction - Grow & Build Your Business

Employee effectiveness impacts directly the short or long-term goals and aspirations of a company. There is a significant impact when an organization creates and implements a clear and shared vision amongst all team members. Having a transparent plan helps imprint the seed, however, without accountability, it cannot be achieved. So, to generate traction and growth for your business you need to measure what matters, have difficult conversations, and have the right people doing the right task. To succeed as a business-owner, no matter what business, it is important to develop a proven process and a growth formula that can foster continued success. An organization with metrics, a committed team, a niche market, and a good client base, is known to have high traction given it will generate steadily rising profits. Success and productivity are directly associated with the productivity of its employees, which derives from culture. In short, to realize your goals, set higher targets, and obtain the expected traction needed for your business, you need to listen, implement, track, process, hire, and fire when necessary. So, execution and leadership are key to keeping the team on target and working towards one vision. Performing with excellence, compassion, and adopting a retainer mindset helps leaders guide their teams to keep focus, hit their goals, and motivate others.

Traction has been an essential part of my company’s progressing triumph. To be concise, it is the way in which our company still is on the runway closer and closer to take off towards its vision. If you are looking to discover ways to keep your team on track here are some of our suggestions:

  • Build a strong brand/culture that everyone supports, breath, and promotes.

  • Involve your team from the first stages. There is power over autonomy.

  • Communicate extensively the way YOUR TEAM wants to be communicated – not YOU!

  • Promote accountability with a robust performance weekly based scorecard; it is easier to control the small number.

  • Discuss issues openly, where all voices are heard, and solutions are agreed upon.

  • Develop leaders within your organization, they do not need a title, they need responsibility and the need to feel engaged.

Once you have secured the right people, built an unobstructed vision, and have a defined structure to find and resolve issues, then you can create consistency around process and data. The most important aspect is not to try to do it all at once. Create Annual, Quarterly, and Weekly Goals that will work towards achieving the desired result. Everyone in your organization should have a goal that ties into the Annual Company Goal and that will bring success to the business. This will drive more engagement, will make everyone’s goal visible, foster accountability, will save your organization time and money, and keep the employees engaged with a purpose of not only improving the company but also improving and grooming themselves, professionally. Traction Tools Your Company Needs Traction Tools are web-based business management software that helps you align all parts of your organization. Some tools improve productivity, while others cut excessive employee downtime or reduce the risk of human error. Many newer online tools have made it easier for teams to communicate clearly, prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and hold themselves (and each other) accountable. If you're looking for tools that could make your business more efficient, the following options are wonderful places to start.

  • Virtual Phone Systems

  • Customer Relationship Management Software

  • Organizational Software

  • Cloud-Based Data Storage

  • Business Lines of Credit

  • Analytics Software

  • Employee Engagement Apps

  • Time Trackers

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) shows six key elements of any organization, and these elements together make up The EOS Model.

  • Vision

  • People

  • Data

  • Issues

  • Process

  • Traction

In the end, the most successful business leaders are the ones experiencing traction. They execute well, and they know how to bring focus, accountability, and discipline to their organization and within their employees. These businesses run with an unobstructed vision, where everyone shares it. They have the right people in the right seats. They understand their operations by tracking and measuring a handful of numbers each week. They find and resolve problems quickly in an open and honest environment. They document their processes and ensure everyone follows them. They prioritize each employee and ensure an elevated level of trust, communication, and accountability exists for each team. All of this together is what traction is and why you need it, not only to run a company but to make it so more than that.

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