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The Value of Mentors & Coaches

Mentorship plays a crucial role in advancing women within the insurance industry and for women in general. According to a study by KPMG, 67% of women gained confidence and essential leadership skills through mentorship, while 82% felt that networking with female leaders helped advance their careers.

However, surprisingly only 37% of women have had a mentor in their careers. It's time for our industries to step up and bridge this gap! Why does mentorship matter? Well, mentoring programs not only benefit individual mentees but also contribute significantly towards organizational success.

Research shows that companies with formal mentorship programs enjoy better knowledge transfer, bridging generational gaps, and improved employee retention. Plus, promoting diversity through mentorship positively impacts team morale and financial performance. Cornell University found that such initiatives increased minority representation in management by 9-24%.So let's start a conversation around this topic!

By fostering a culture of learning and growth through coaching and mentorship programs, we can pave the way for more women to achieve success.

We are excited to invite YOU to join our team of esteemed coaches and offer your expertise to our growing community.