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Find Your Voice

Consistently we find ourselves in a continuous search for an inner voice or power. Our struggle to find that tune and balance within, makes us become and study how do we fit in our society and challenges us to "be" without really knowing who we are, and sometimes makes us compromise our values. Who we are, what we want to become, whom do we want to influence is linked to our human nature to nurture and care and our necessity to belong?

Who am I? What is my destiny? Where do I belong? are questions that daily interfere with your well-being. While reading the book Becoming-Michelle Obama shared: "Everyone seemed to fit in, except for me. I looked back on the discomfort of the moment now and recognize the more universal challenge of squaring whom you have to do with where you come from and who you want to be. I also realized that I was still a long way from finding my voice". I find this to be extremely powerful, and a reality for most of us.

We all struggle fitting in, every single day! However confident, independent, and secure we still crave the acknowledgment and acceptance from others to be able to showcase the conviction and leadership that lies within our voice. This doesn't mean that we need someone else's approval to feel accepted or worthy, it means that you need to surround yourself with the right people that can help you bring your voice from within to make a difference to lead.

Our values, our truth, our reality is our voice. We are the only ones who can bring down the wall and welcome acceptance in whatever shape or form presents. Understanding that we will never end learning who we are and that our voice is the most powerful tool we must exercise righteousness and foster change, is one of the most significant and empowering realizations one can have. We are all a work in progress, we must be willing to change, and we must showcase consistency in working towards finding the balance, value, and purpose that will guide you to uncover your voice.

Your voice, your legacy, your influence will ratify your beliefs. One of the toughest battles we will ever experience is to rise above and shift the landscape with your voice by being yourself. Let today be the day that you give yourself permission to lead with passion, become whom you want to be, fail during the process, and start surrounding yourself with who can bring the best out of you. Who you are will be an unveiling metamorphosis and what you accomplish will become history allowing your unexpected connection to the world to reveal the extraordinary courage, strength, and meaning that is hidden within you?

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