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Empowering Women in Insurance: A Mission of BRZ

At BRZ Insurance we're passionate about empowering women in the insurance industry. As a Latina woman who has worked in insurance for 17 years, I've seen firsthand the barriers that keep women from succeeding and advancing to leadership roles. But I've also seen the incredible results that come from creating a more equal, diverse, and inclusive industry. In this article, I'll explore the challenges women face in insurance and how BRZ is working to overcome them—not just because it's the right thing to do but because it drives real business results.

The invisible barriers:

Walk into most insurance companies, and you'll see the faces of power and leadership are predominantly male. This is no accident but rather the result of systemic barriers and biases that prevent women from progressing, despite equal merit and capability.

Studies show women are less likely to be recommended for challenging assignments critical for career advancement, more likely to have their achievements overlooked, and face harsher judgment for assertive behavior that's praised in men. These invisible barriers push many women out of the industry altogether.

At BRZ, we're working to recognize and remove these biases. We provide unconscious bias training for all employees and managers to build awareness of the subtle ways women face disadvantages.

We also have a diverse slate requirement for all leadership roles to ensure women and underrepresented groups are given equal consideration. Still, we know real change will take time.