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Deciding To Hire A VA

How do Virtual Assistants differ from other employees regarding the services they provide?

The virtual assistant vs employee debate is becoming more evident not only for business owners but corporations as well. Employees and Virtual Assistants can carry out many of the same tasks, including basic administrative tasks, office management, and social media. However, the question is how do you decide which is the better option for you and whom to leverage?

One of the most compelling differences when choosing between a virtual assistant vs. a full-time employee is cost. Overall, hiring a virtual assistant usually costs 50% less than hiring a full-time employee.

You can find a virtual assistant based almost anywhere in the world, but at Savvital we focus on finding talent in Pakistan. Our VA’s are college graduates eager to jump into the opportunity in order to create long-term relationships and careers that will change their lives forever.

The cost of a virtual assistant vs a full-time employee

For one thing, there’s nothing more straightforward than contracting a virtual assistant. There is a standard fixed monthly rate in exchange for hours worked. In terms of overhead, you pay almost nothing for a virtual assistant and is a straight expense into the business. Employers are able not only to cut salaries expenses, but they can save on the following:

  • Healthcare (medical and dental)

  • Taxes

  • Office expenses

  • Office equipment

Leveraging VAs come with some advantages:

  • Most virtual assistants have a diverse set of skills. In addition to carrying out administrative duties, some are experts in social media marketing, SEO, content writing, photo and video editing, logistics, and even technical support.

  • For part-time, short-term, or project-based activities a virtual assistant is ideal because you won’t need to invest in payroll expenses, and you can ensure you stay within your budget.

  • Virtual assistants level up their knowledge and skills in their own time to become more competitive. This means that you will not need to pay for specific training to onboard a VA, however is recommended to provide continuous improvement workshops and webinars.

  • You have access to a much bigger talent pool when you choose a virtual assistant, as your VA can be based anywhere in the world. This increases the chance you’ll find the best fit for your needs.

  • Meeting prospective employees in person is a great way to assess their capabilities and overall character, especially their work ethic.

  • Many employers prefer to work and interact with employees in-person to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships. This is invaluable for productivity, a smooth workflow, and business success and the same can be accomplished with Virtual Assistants in the remote environment with the right technology in place.

  • Having the right technology can lead to more effective communication, as it’s easier to promptly address any misunderstandings and mistakes.

  • If you need to replace or hire more employees, the costs incurred are zero to none, and the pool of available candidates is more extensive than probably any online platform.

As employers proceed to evaluate the idea of hiring a VA considering the aspects discussed like budget, goals, and whether you have the technology to support this decision. Most of the time, the right solution is going to be a virtual assistant.

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