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AI Revolutionizing Customer-Centric Insurance Agencies

On Wednesday, April 29th, Anurag Shah CEO & Co-Founder of Aureus Analytics joined the Young Agent Board of the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) and co-chairs Monica Adwani, CPIA & Cassandra Koegel to present what we think it will be the future of a more lean, data driven, cost-efficient, and customer-centric insurance operation.

DONNA, a product design by Aureus Analytics, uses the customer data you already possess in your AMS, CRM, and other systems and transforms the data into a more efficient dashboard that can improve your profitability by focusing on Customer Retention, Cross-Selling, and Customer Experience.

DONNA, says Anurag, can understand your customer's sentiment in real-time, take proactive actions to increase customer loyalty and maintain a real time diagnosis on your clients files. This helps identify customers at risk, and allows you to work proactively towards your process and relationships with your clients. They will help you assess your ROI, and understand the predictability of the clients purchasing behavior.

The first thing that came to mind as an Agency Owner and COO was: Imagine how much efficient my team could be? Having a lean process, factual data, behaviors from client will allow my team to provide a more personalized experience and focus on what really matters, when it matters, and WHO it matters.

So, if you are looking to run your independent agent a little bit more efficient, leverage your current book of business, run leaner with your current process, and make your team more proactive and efficient with their time, this is a solution you definitely need to research.

I also, want to take the opportunity to thank Heather Kramer, COO of Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) & Kathleen Murphy who are contributing tremendously to helping the Young Agents bring the industry together, so we can build a better tomorrow.

If you are an #insuranceagent in the state of #massachusetts please look into the association benefits and reach out to us to learn more about the monthly seminars, events, and educational opportunities that we are bringing to you free of cost!

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