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Hispanic Stars Rising Volume III: The New Face of Power

$19.97 plus tax & shipping

I’m proud to have my story featured beside 80 other Hispanic Stars on the Book Hispanic Stars Rising Vol. III -Monica Adwani

Remember, we are all Hispanic Stars. Together we shine. -Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder, We Are All Human

By 2050, one in three Americans will be Latino. We are the engine of the U.S. economy. Responsible for 2.6 trillion dollars of GDP, which puts us among the top ten GDPs in the world. Our purchasing power is $1.9 trillion. We are entrepreneurial — 86% of all new businesses launched in the past 10 years were started by Hispanics. And we are creating more tech startups than any other demographic group.

We believe in education and building new skills because we understand the connection between education and opportunity. And we believe in the responsibility of benefiting from the American Dream. We are helping to write the future of America by paying our taxes, contributing to Social Security, through large voter turnout and disproportionately large numbers in the military. The people in Hispanic Stars Rising tell this story.

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